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We want to give everyone the opportunity to transform their dream into a reality, through a unique and unforgettable event!

Without ever forgetting our ability to exceed your expectations, always!

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We know and continue to work every day so that the entire technical team, equipment and strategies developed allow our customers to achieve the best possible results.
And for that we use and celebrate the most unforgettable events always with great doses of happiness.

What moves us …

Lasting memories

a little of our history …

We believe that everyone likes a good party and memorable moments.
That’s how we created Floor Sensation!

Where the celebration of events is at the disposal of all those looking for you or your company,
unique and unforgettable moments.

From 2009 until today we have gone from a hobby to a life and professional experience with more than 10 years
in the creation of events for individuals and companies.

And we continue to grow alongside our customers, expanding our portfolio of solutions for events and parties every year.

Allowing our customers and partners to have moments of revolution that lead to the transformation of their reality into something remarkable!

We achieve this through the best team, material and equipment, which aligned with the techniques
more advanced allow to create emotions
positive and forever in people’s memory.

Discover our LED Dance Floor and various dance floors today, which lead us to create events of different sizes and dimensions, with
various effects and equipment and colorful words that mark the moment.

Have the unique and memorable event you are looking for today.

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Experiences and Emotions for Events

Floor Sensation is a compny based in Portugal specialized

in events and parties for companies and individuals.

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